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About Us

Arizona Desert Sky

Our History

AZ Desert Sky was formed in the summer of 2005.  Sherre and Linda met when their daughters were on a 12 and under team and they were the coaches.  They both played in college, both were physical education teachers. Linda was also  an Athletic Trainer and, Sherre also taught Special Education along with Adaptive Phys. Ed. They both have an eye and a heart for this game.  They decided to work together to empower young ladies to attain their educational objectives on the back of a sport they have loved all their lives.  They are very good at running a well organized club and at assisting our players and families in obtaining college scholarships to compete in volleyball while excelling in their chosen fields of study.  Many thought we would “retire” in 2007 after helping our daughters and their entire team achieve their goal of receiving a scholarship to play in college, however we had just scratched the surface. We absolutely love what we do - helping young ladies have a great future through the sport of volleyball.


To foster a positive environment and provide skilled training for youth athletes that facilitates growth mentally and physically to help them reach their highest potential, as an individual and as a team member.

Goals & Expectations

  • To provide quality instruction and training to all athletes and coaches, across all levels, to ensure mastery with fundamentals  and advanced skills

  • To value teamwork, diligence, and commitment in order to develop young women who will be successful in their chosen path

  • To challenge all athletes, allowing for personal growth and attainment of their highest potential

  • To provide an opportunity, for all athletes interested, to pursue volleyball at the collegiate level


Our coaching staff is dedicated, caring, and passionate people with skilled expertise to teach this game. Many of them were collegiate players who continued their love for the game by coaching. Many have decades of experience coaching at various levels, both in schools and for club.

Our administrators work hard to ensure that every athlete who wishes to play at the collegiate level receive an offer to play. They instruct athletes on the tasks that need to be completed and are there to help with every step. They travel to the out of state tournaments to communicate with college coaches and recruiters courtside. We have also helped 5 coaches attain their dreams of coaching at the collegiate level.

We believe that sports can enrich the social dimension of human life. Learning how to play as a team member shifts the focus from “me” to “we.” Rather than individual success, the importance of contributing to a group effort is emphasized. We find that once individuals become part of a team, their chances of winning substantially increase. Being part of a team sport also offers our players opportunities to form life-long friendships based on similar interests.

We also believe that through sports, we can learn important values for life. Learning the rules of the game, fostering respect for the values of honesty, integrity, and fair play, along with developing skills to deal with adversity, offer potential for positive formation of life skills in other areas, such as academics and work.

We know that in order to succeed in sports and athletic competition, discipline and, at times, personal sacrifices are necessary. We expect our players to pursue a regimen of physical activity and regular practice that requires discipline. In this way, our players learn to positively deal with balancing human passions, intelligence, and will.  We expect our players to balance their commitments to faith, family, academics, and volleyball, in that order.