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Q: What is Arizona Desert Sky?

A: AZ Desert Sky is a competitive volleyball club.  We offer teams at every age of competition (12s to 18s); these teams compete Regionally or Nationally.  We also offer a developmental team, and the opportunity for athletes interested in maintaining and developing their skills sets as a practice-only player.  For athletes interested in playing at the collegiate level, our goal is to have an offer upon the conclusion of their senior year.   We work hard to teach the game of volleyball at the highest level, and assist our athletes in their pursuit of the next level (Junior HS, HS or College).  


Q: How long is club season?  

A: The regular club season runs from early November through the middle of May; post-season play extends through early July. In October we begin offering Open Gyms and in November we host Tryouts.  Athletes are committed to the entire schedule for their team once they sign they join our club.   We ask athletes and families to schedule vacations after all tournaments are over. 


Q: What sets AZ Desert Sky apart from other clubs?

Many things set us apart:  

  • Our staff are positive role models who will be supportive of your daughter, and her volleyball ambitions.   We are committed to teaching your daughter the skills necessary to be successful at their current level and progress them to the next level so they will make their future teams.   Our coaches work tirelessly to develop their athletes both on and off the court.
  • We are a medium sized club which allows us to get to know all of our athletes and their families personally.   We want for your daughter what you want for your daughter… an uplifting, rewarding experience, teaching them to love the game, and become better well-rounded young ladies.
  • We travel as a team so our players learn to be responsible for themselves and accountable to their team.  Traveling as a team saves you, the parents, money - you are not required to accompany your daughter (parents are, of course, always welcome to travel with us) thus saving an additional airfare, hotel room and transportation to and from locations in the city (which adds hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of club fees in other clubs if they do not include this).
  • We have a set practice schedule at set facilities (see team guides below for this schedule) which allows parents to schedule a “family life”.   We practice at local middle school and high schools to foster a sense of community.  Our facilities have access to weight rooms, and space to store our specialized equipment.
  • For our National (travel) teams, we offer strength and conditioning for the duration of the season (including post-season).  This helps our athletes learn discipline, mental toughness while training their body to execute athletic movement properly to perform at a higher level on the volleyball court.   (This is available to our regional teams for a small fee.)
  • Additionally, we offer positional practices to our National (travel) teams which focus on individual skills pertaining to the athletes needs.   This may be used to further an existing skill set or learn a new skill to become a more well-rounded athlete.  (This is available to our regional teams for a small fee.)
  • We thoroughly train interested athletes and their families on the recruiting process, starting with an initial recruiting meeting in early December.  We continue to monitor, and assist through an accepted scholarship offer.   We are actively recruiting, talking to college coaches/recruiters while our athletes are playing at all major tournaments.   We monitor our players GPA’s, SAT/ACT scores, and NCAA initial eligibility, as they are students first.
  • We have a 99% offer rate on our athletes to play at the collegiate level.  We offer extensive feedback to assist our athletes with pursuing appropriate institutions for their skill level and academic interests.  We also provide consultations prior to campus visits.
  • We host clinics every year in June with many college coaches.  Additionally, we have college coaches attend our practices to see our teams and athletes.

There are many things that set us apart… we would love to discuss what makes our club unique with you.   Please contact us with any questions you have.  


Q: How do I join AZ Desert Sky?

Attend the assigned tryout for your age group to be selected on a team. Paperwork will need to be completed at the post try-out meeting, and you will then be apart of the Arizona Desert Sky Family.  We encourage interested players to attend our Open Gyms in October/November to meet coaches and learn more about our club.  



For information pertaining to coaches, practices, tournaments and fees for our Regional teams see our player guide here.


For information pertaining to coaches, practices, tournaments and fees for our National teams see our player guide here.