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Community Service

This year we are proud to announce that we will be serving the community with Harvest Compassion Center/Mitchell Swaback Charities. Our teams will each be doing at least one event on a Saturday during the season when they do not have a tournament scheduled. We believe in helping and serving others and giving back to the community. We are very excited for this opportunity. You can read about the Mitchell Swaback Charity below.

Harvest Compassion Center/Mitchell Swaback Charities Inc.

Mitchell Swaback Charities was founded after Mitchell Swaback entered heaven at 23 yrs. of age. His passion to always serve and lend a helping hand was the driving force behind MSC being started to honor his legacy. The purpose of this Charity is to continue to impact individuals, organizations and families as Mitch had done so many times. We want to continue Mitch’s compassion to serve. MSC has served in many areas: assistance in local women's and children's shelters, children's orphanages overseas, local food and clothing bank, community outreach, scholarships, grants and much more.

Mission Statement

TO CHALLENGE - To engage a person's heart in the act of helping others.

TO SERVE - To financially support our partners through mission, scholarship and construction projects.

TO LAST - To develop financial stability so that future generations will be served.

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