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Player Development

Position Specific Practice

Our open/travel athletes receive an extra 2-4 practices/month with skill/position specific training to improve individual skills. These practices are designed to enhance players abilities so they may continue to better themselves and the whole of the team. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Setting
    • Footwork
    • Hand position
    • Transitioning
    • Accuracy of sets
    • Jump setting
    • Defense
    • and other advanced skills
  • Hitting
    • Transitioning
    • Arm Swing
    • Approach
    • Hitting Routes
    • Timing with Setters
    • and other advanced skills
  • Passing
    • Form
    • Serve Receive
    • Defensive moves
    • Ball Control
    • Diving and Recovery
    • and other advance skills

Strength and Conditioning

Our open/travel teams participate in a strength and conditioning program 2 nights a week (either before or after their team practices). They are led by Chrissy Shaver, Ed Cook, and Kevin O'Driscoll. They focus on increasing the athlete's vertical and improving their strength and power, as well as, increasing their speed and agility for improved athletic performance. We attribute our reduction in injuries to the off-court training our girls receive from these two personal trainers!!

Nutritional Guidance

We also provide all our athletes a handout with nutritional guidelines in regards to:

  • Hydration
  • Roadside Snacks
  • Pre-competition meals
  • Importance of Breakfast
  • Ideas for tournament food table

Our teams strive to follow these guidelines as food fuels our bodies and can make the difference between having a sluggish or stellar performance.